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Why Backup Power is a Must

If you haven’t experienced a power outage in your home, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! But statistics show your time will come. Power failures are incredibly common and it is one of the easiest ways to throw you and your family out of sync… fast! A blackout may last only a few hours at a time, but it could possibly affect your residence for days or weeks at a time.

Not only is a power outage an inconvenience to your everyday life but it can potentially cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. One smart, preventative solution to avoid these issues is the purchase of a backup power system for your Longview or Tyler home in the form of a Standby Generator. Generators allow for a compact, energy efficient, and affordable whole-house backup power solution.

Daystar Electric – Your East Texas Generator Experts - Offering Back Up Generators with a 10 Year FULL Warranty

The trained specialists at Daystar Electric understand the importance of everyday convenience for you and your family, elevated comfort in your home, and energy- and money-saving products and services to improve your quality of life. Don’t leave these things up to chance. Be prepared for the unexpected and expect nothing but the best.

We take pride in supplying you with a better, more affordable whole-house backup power solution to meet your family’s needs and budget. Thanks to a key breakthrough in energy management technology and our integrity and values as a trusted local company, Daystar Electric can now aid in improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home much better than the big box stores.

Daystar also offers maintenance agreements for new and existing generators. Call Daystar Electric today to learn more about generators for your East Texas home!

Why Briggs & Stratton?

  • They offer the smartest most reliable permanenet backp power solutions
  • Backing their products with an excellent warranty unlike any other on the market that includes parts, labor and travel for the full time of the warranty
  • Available power options from 8kw to 60kw
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton Engines
  • Able to run on natural gas generator or liquid propane LP generator
  • Durable corrosion resistant gavenneal steel or aluminum* enclosures (*select models)